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The Clean House

"...the play is about cleaning as transcendence, spiritual cleaning..." So says Sarah Ruhl, American author of the latest production from the Queensland Theatre Company. The Clean House looks at the lives of a family who have no surname, and how the way in which they deal with their lots in life affect those around them. In many ways, it is hard to define what particular style or genre this play belongs to. It is first and foremost a comedy, but it is a comedy that carries a very strong sense of tragedy behind every joke, every line. Matilde (Brooke Satchwell), the Brazilian maid whose mother died after hearing the world's funniest joke from her husband, who then shot himself for killing his wife, arrives in America attempting to learn the punch-line to the joke her father told, the joke that took her parents away, the joke that could set her free from the tragedy of her past. It is in this character that we see this dualism of comedy and tragedy at work. Here we have a character who wants to laugh, and yet cannot seem to find the one elusive joke she searches for. It is only when she hears this joke that she is seemingly able to move on from her past, and embrace her future - a future in which she does not need to be medicated, and can tell jokes with the best of them in New York.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello, world! Decided that the time was right to find a new way in this world to discuss the views that are important to me. Namely the latest television shows, what's happening in the news, and of course my all-time favourite, technology. So if you have an interest in any of those areas, this blog might be of interest to you. If not, well, good luck in surfing the rest of the Internet!

The aim here is to try and make at least 2-3 postings each week, depending on how fast the news cycle is occurring. I have decided to ignore options such as Facebook (in particular) and Twitter (for now), simply because I want to get the core content section of this site up and running - and that requires more than 140 characters per post. ;)

If you are wondering how this all came about, well, about 12-18 months this was the home of a small podcast, of which this blog has inherited the title from. It ran for about 30 episodes before folding, simply because the time involved in producing a podcast was not something I generally had available.

But I still wanted a platform from which to get my views on the world out to (yeah, because I am so important!). I tried Facebook, but found their privacy issues to be quite a drawback. So I've found myself on Square Space, thanks to the constant plugs from Leo Laporte on his glorious TWiT network!

So, anyway, welcome to the brand new Sunday Talk. There's not much content on here right now. Hopefully more soon. As I think of more things to write about. And get the layout and design of the blog sorted. So check back often! I will definitely make it worth your while!

Welcome aboard!

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